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PathPoint Consulting is a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in the custom design of organizational, team, and leadership solutions. Our Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Organizational Development, and Human Resources consultants work with companies to deliver human capital solutions that result in improved business performance. Our strength is aligning business and human capital strategy and delivering high quality human capital solutions.

Areas of Expertise

Human Capital and Succession Planning - Analyzing human capital needs, identifying critical people gaps, assessing leadership talent, preparing high impact development plans, managing high potential talent, preparing succession plans, and building leadership strength throughout the organization

Leadership Development - Developing business-focused development programs to accelerate business performance and build leadership talent

Performance Management and Individual Development - Aligning business, team and individual goals and building assessment and feedback solutions to assess performance and develop individual capabilities

Leadership and Competency Modeling - Performing job analyses to identify the core cultural, leadership and job-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities required for performance and deploying in the company's human capital systems and processes

Customized Human Capital Products - Designing a broad array of people products, such as multi-rater 360° feedback programs, employee attitude surveys, union vulnerability assessments, and team effectiveness measurements

Human Capital Research and Benchmarking - Conducting internal and external best practice research to assess current human capital processes and deliverables, identifying opportunities to improve current human capital solutions, and building change management plans to facilitate adoption

Executive Coaching - Assessing leadership effectiveness and performance and delivering feedback and coaching to maximize individual performance

Selection and Assessment - Developing valid selection tools to measure candidate capabilities as well as job and organizational fit

Employment Branding - Creating a distinct internal employment brand that aligns to the external brand and galvanizes employees to the company's value chain