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Client: Acertitude
Corporate Meeting Keynote; PE Selection Assessment


Client: Advanced Micro Devices
Executive coaching


Client: Aetna
Executive coaching


Client: American Eagle
Brand leadership map


Client: American Express
360 degree feedback; Executive assessments; Leadership development strategy; Human resources team effectiveness; HR strategy


Client: Amplify
Team Effectiveness; Executive coaching; Top 50 leadership meeting


Client: AMR Research
Feedback and leadership training design and delivery

  Client: Ashland
Culture attribute identification and strategy; Strategy and culture top 200 leadership meeting
  Client: Axiom
People philosophies; Corporate structure and leveling; Leadership competency model; Technical competency models(multiple); Leadership retreat; Leadership development program; Manager training program


Client: Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Senior executive developmental planning and team effectiveness

  Client: Bemis
Talent management strategy
  Client: Berkeley Worldwide Executive Developmental Program
Executive development curriculum design - Human resources in the information age
  Client: Biogen Idec
Culture assessment and strategy; People/organizational capability strategy; Finance excellence initiative; Talent planning strategy; Executive Coaching
  Client: BJ's Club
Leadership competency model development; Change management framework, protocols, and training; HR conference keynote


Client: The Boston Beer Company
Sales compensation study; Executive coaching; Manager's guide to compensation training program; 360 feedback program; Competency-based job profiles

  Client: Boston Market
Corporate technical competency models; Project management optimization study; Human resources and succession plan


Client: Brinker
Facilitation assessment


Client: The Camden Group
360 degree survey design

  Client: Campbell Soup Company
Human resources strategy for the sales organization


Client: Cardinal Health
Executive selection training program design; Executive coaching; Senior team process consulting; Hi-potential development strategy; HR Shared Services


Client: CareFusion
Senior executive offsite meeting; CEO annual Board assessment


Client: Caterpillar
Executive Coaching; Executive Succession; C-Suite Assessment


Client: Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies
Board retreat; Secondment program design


Client: CDW
Sales capability strategy; Officer offsite


Client: Charles Schwab
Performance management audit and design


Client: Citicorp Asset Management
High performance workforce strategy; Executive 360 degree survey


Client: Cold Stone Creamery
Leadership and functional competency models; Performance development system; Succession planning system; Competency-based interview guides


Client: Coors Brewing Company
Global IT team effectiveness assessment and facilitation


Client: Corning Fiber Optics
Team effectiveness training


Client: Council on Employee Benefits
National conference keynote


Client: CVS/Caremark
High potentials coaching; Pharmacy services core process audit; Repair and maintenance core process audit and design; Pharmacy supervisor retention research study; Career profiling process mapping; Marketing structure/reorganization


Client: Dell Computer Corporation
High potential leadership development program; Team effectiveness training; Executive coaching; HR leadership program; 360 degree feedback survey design; Worldwide performance management system; Global learning and development and talent acquisition strategy; Canadian staffing and selection systems


Client: Dollar General
Executive coaching


Client: dosist
Culture vision and leadership model


Client: Dover Corporation
Executive coaching


Client: Dreyer's
Plant start-up staffing and assessment strategy


Client: Emergent Biosolutions
Interview training; Human resource planning strategy and product development; Development resource guide; HR conference keynote

  Client: Entegris
Benefits benchmarking study; Benefits strategy and section 125 plan design; Conflict mediation and resolution process; HR core process mapping; Employee handbook; Charitable service benefit program; Leadership development strategy and training plans; Salary benchmarking
  Client: Ernst & Young
CFO VC conference keynote
  Client: Fairfield Farm Kitchens
Organizational structure analysis and migration strategy; Job evaluation and compensation architecture
  Client: FARO
Executive coaching


Client: First Data Corporation
Organizational development strategy; Talent management strategy; HR competency model; Senior staff effectiveness survey analysis
  Client: Foot Locker
Leadership model; Performance management system; Field Human Resources diagnostic; Leadership assessment analytical tool
  Client: Harrah's Operating Company
Mentor program; Executive coaching
  Client: Harvard University
IT career maps
  Client: The Hershey Company
HR strategy; HR team offsite and alignment meeting; HR goal setting and cascade; HR transformation project; HR competency model and career map; Global Operations team meeting; Integrated talent management strategy; Culture behaviors; C-Suite transition and on-boarding plans; Global HR business partner training; M&A leadership assessment; Sales reorganization


Client: Hilton Hotels
Leadership competency modeling; Performance management program


Client: Hire Vue
Founder/CEO transition plan; Sales competency model


Client: The Holdsworth Center
Talent management advisory services


Client: Hubbell
HR strategy; High potential leadership development; Executive coaching; Company keynote presentation; International executive assessment and transition program


Client: Imagination
360 degree program


Client: Insulet
Leadership model; Development road map


Client: Iron Mountain
Culture transformation workshop and facilitation; HR strategy development


Client: James Hardie
HR assessment and strategy; Emerging markets leadership development program; 360 degree feedback program; Executive coaching


Client: J.D. Power and Associates

Culture assessment and M & A integration plan; Senior team effectiveness assessment and action planning


Client: John Wiley & Sons

HR strategy and organization design; Executive coaching

  Client: KB Home
Leadership development program for high potentials; 360 degree feedback program; Executive coaching; All-employee survey; 360 degree action planner; Five job family test validation; Developmental Planning Video; Sales capability and selection strategy; Sales counselor job profiling; Talent management strategy; Sales testing solution and validation; Sales interview guide development and validation; KBPO survey

  Client: Kennametal
Field HR Organization Analysis and Strategy; Sales effectiveness discovery study; HR structure optimization strategy

  Client: K. Hovnanian
Accelerated development program; Executive Coaching

  Client: Keystone Foods
Human resources and talent management retainer


Client: Kinko's

High potentials coaching; Leadership training


Client: La-Z-Boy

Leadership model


Client: Lenovo
HR effectiveness survey; Executive 360 feedback and executive coaching; Culture audit and gameplan; Team effectiveness interventions; Chinese national high potential program; Social styles training and coaching; Executive re-entry and transition project; Team facilitation protocols; Culture-focused 360 degree feedback tool and coaching; OD on-boarding and training; Learning strategy and executive education program development; Leader assimilation protocol; HR values and competency model; Organizational development strategy; R & T leadership assessment; Senior legal team effectiveness; R&T value proposition


Client: Life Technologies
CEO 360 and Board of Director feedback; Hi-potential leadership development program; Executive coaching; Team effectiveness; Senior team effectiveness; CFO team effectiveness and role clarity project; Company conference keynote presentation; Social styles training program; HR transformation project; Recruiting effectiveness surveys; Vector team consulting tools; Corporate development offsite


Human resources planning process; Reorganization change planning and implementation; Compensation strategy


Client: Marriot
Executive Coaching


Client: Medco
New plant start-up culture strategy


Client: MedExpress
HR strategy; Integrated performance management strategy; Interim CHRO support
  Client: Micronotes
Executive compensation benchmarking study


Client: Navico
Executive transition coaching


Client: New York Life
Leadership development strategy and training; Executive development strategy


Client: Nortek
Job profiling; Succession planning; Selection curriculum design; On-Boarding protocol


Client: NuVasive
Board of Directors assessment and action planning


Client: Paychex
HR strategy training; Leadership development program; HR diagnostic and strategy; Talent management strategy; C-Suite talent assessment and planning

  Client: PepsiCo
Alternative work arrangements and flexible working environment research study; Quality of worklife research study; Premier place to work research study; Hi-potential designate program; HR plant start-up strategy; Talent acquisition strategy facilitation; CFO team offsite facilitation; Executive coaching; Corporate values module for bottler integration meeting; CIO assimilation and team acceleration


Client: Pepsi
Frontline staffing and retention study; Organizational capability strategy; Selling capability research study; Employee attitude survey benchmarking research study; Recognition and rewards benchmark study; High Potential executive coaching; Labor strategy research study; Frontline selection and assessment process design; Test validation technical support; High-potential leadership coaching; Plant merger/integration change management and action-planning; Impact and influence training curriculum design; Professional selling selection solution; Ergonomic testing validation; Next Generation Leadership Development Strategy; Relevant experience selection validation; Realistic job previews for front-line positions; High potential HR development program; Sales selection strategy and test validation; Interview guide development and validation; Employee engagement intervention and action planning; Front line supervisory and competency model; Front line interview slide development and validation; Front-line staffing refresh; M & A culture assessment and action planning; Critical career experiences for sales and supply chain; Job profiles for front-line positions; Talent identification program; OD product branding; Development resource guide; All employee survey design, data analysis, and action planning; Account Sales Manager selection solution; Executive coaching; Sales organization restructuring; Front-line selection validation; High potential development coaching; C-Suite executive 360 assessments; Senior team effectiveness; Job profiles for front-line positions


Client: Polar Air Cargo
Human resources planning process; Leadership competency model; 360 degree feedback program; Executive coaching


Client: PPD
360 degree feedback survey design


Client: PPG
HR Retainer; Interim Global Head of Talent; Leadership model; Global Leadership Meeting


Client: ProBuild
Organizational development retainer; GM leadership program; Employee survey action planning; Team effectiveness diagnostic and action planning


Client: Prudential
Selection and assessment strategy


Client: Reader's Digest
Team effectiveness assessment framework


Client: S & P Global
Talent management diagnostic; Talent management strategy; Leadership model; Human capital planning; Top 150 leadership meeting; Career framework; HR competency model; HR process mapping and decision models; Ratings human capital strategy


Client: SAP
HR shared services stakeholder analysis


Client: Shaw's Supermarkets/Pharmacy
Field HR Optimization study and organizational design

  Client: St Paul Companies
Human resources competency model and client satisfaction survey; Human resources training


Client: Starbucks
Change management training

  Client: Starcom Mediavest Group
Performance management system; Talent Management System; 360 degree feedback survey; Performance Management System Redesign
  Client: TDIndustries
Executive assessment and succession
  Client: Terex
High potential leadership development program; Team effectiveness diagnostic and action plan; Executive coaching


Client: Thermo Fisher
Executive coaching; Global Leadership Program support and coaching; Leadership competency model; 360 Degree feedback redesign; Team effectiveness planning session; Operations team effectiveness


Client: Thrivent
Senior executive feedback


Client: Timberland
Staffing and hiring analysis; Executive compensation study


Client: Tory Burch
Leadership competency model; Performance management toolkit; Development resource guide


Client: TriCon Restaurants
Training effectiveness measurement study


Client: Transworld Systems
US culture training


Client: University of Massachusetts -
Commonwealth Medicine

Business strategy and senior team effectiveness assessment and action plan; 360 degree feedback program; Team effectiveness interventions


Client: WellBiz Brands
Team & leader feedback; Culture diagnostic and action planning


Client: Work Effects
Culture diagnostic survey


Client: Xerox
Senior team acceleration and effectiveness